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    hotel rahul
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    There is much to say about the hotel, it has basic rooms with or without bathroom. It is more or less clean and does not offer room service or dining. Sure, for only 2 and a half euros you have a room in the heart of the city. In front, there the only movie theatre in the city and one of the few in the entire region of Madhya Pradesh (larger than Spain), so if you're around here, I'd recommend that you to go to the movies one afternoon, it is quite a different experience. I went to see "Spiderman 3", There you have it! Around the hotel there are lots of stalls, several streets, markets and cafes where they get together to drink "chai". They do this each and every day from early morning until 11 at night. This is a crowded and entertaining area which is cheerful and friendly, a reflection of the rest of the city, ugly and ruinous but full of life.
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    the taj mahal palace hotel
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    The Taj Mahal Palace was opened in December 1903 by the wealthy businessman Tata and has become the go-to hotel for visiting heads of state and dignitaries ever since. The building itself is stunning and the pool area is unforgettable. Even if you don't stay there, I'd suggest visiting if you're in Mumbai. The recently added modern concrete tower breaks the aesthetic harmony a little, though.
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    alka hotel varanasi
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    I think this is the best hotel to stay at in Varanasi. There may be more expensive and luxurious hotels, but the location of Alka is perfect. I have commented several times that hotels across India are not great, so, to get to Alka and them find cleaning the rooms, hot water coming out of the showers, the comfort of the beds, great food from its restaurant and its spectacular setting on the Ghats of the Ganges, I was thrilled. As the prices vary, there is a mix of young backpackers with older people. The best thing is its huge terrace overlooking the Ganges where you can eat, read, do yoga or have a cold beer. Another cool thing is that the hotel has a private direct output to the ghats. I can wander along the river until 10 pm and return without going through the maze of the Old Bazaar. The attached photos are taken from the terrace of Alka. Incredible location, isn't it?
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    samode palace hotel
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    The fascinating Moorish architecture blends with the richness of Indian mirrors. Legend has it that this palace was built by King Jaipur to get rid of a nobleman who wanted to woo his queen. His goal was to secure a withdrawal of the court. There was a noble highly-valued for his exploits to kill him. For this reason, he was given a palace away from his. The palace inside has rhinestones, fine marble, arches and golden chandeliers. A palace of tales and legends.
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    umaid bhawan palace hotel
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    One of the biggest private residences in the entire world. It has 347 rooms and used 70000m of sand and marble in its construction. It was built in the 20s, during the great famine that was ravaging the zone and the government decided to make the investment in its construction to give people employment. The construction lasted 15 years. The inside is art deco. It has 2 theaters, pool and AC power plant. It is beautiful inside, the lobby was built with marble staircases and hunting trophies, the center dome is 60m high, the reception room, there is a billiard room, office of the Maharajah (who lives on the 1st floor). The rest of the palace is a luxury hotel.
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    hassan hotel
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    This little hotel cost about 5 euros for a single room. It is situated directly opposite the "Rana ghat". You can easily get here from the main ghat, the Dasaswamedh, it takes just 5min. Always in Varanasi, if you come for a few days, you have to grab a room overlooking the ghats. This had it and we rocked up to see what was happening from the "room". Something interesting about the hotel is that it was stuck in the middle of the labyrinthine old quarter of the old town and it always gave you the feeling of being in a fairy tail. As it is in many guide books and my memory fails me a tad, I will say that I'm not sure that the name is Hassan, yes, that person had male name but if you follow the path it will be easy to find. Good luck!
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    taj lake palace
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    There are some incredible views from this luxury hotel in the middle of a lake. This has to be one of the most romantic places on earth. This place so magical it'll seem like you're in a fairytale, lost in a corner of India, where palaces bloom like desire.
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    taj palace hotel nueva delhi
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    New Delhi
    Magnificent hotel that didn't disappoint. Great decor and treatment from the staff. In accordance with Indian customs as soon as we got there they painted a red dot on our foreheads, they gave us flowered leis and gave us some typical juices to try. An exceptional welcome after two days of travel on planes and buses. Also in this hotel there;s a replica of the Orient Express. The area is decorated like an old train station with tables where you can have a coffee or a drink and then have the Orient wagon on the side decorated in a more romantic style.
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    Vacation Resorts in
    The portuguese past of India is closely associated with a Goa, but in the noth of India, in the state of Gujarat there is this picturesque setting, also marked by the Portuguese past. This is a perfect place to unwind and its a pleasant seaside town and a very calm place, peaceful, quiet and away from the chaos of India. It has a small airport, to arrive by plane or bus as I did from Ahmedabad, this is a night bus with beds, so you would arrive at Diu in the morning. In the city you can visit the following attractions for example the cathedral that the Jesuits built there, the fort and castle which is beachfront with stunning views, the market and some of its beaches. Diu is a place rarely visited by Western tourists, and I highly recommended it.
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    castle mandawa hotel
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    Like many historic homes, Castle Mandawa is a curious mixture of old and new. Medieval towers with battlements and roofed balconies, it blends modern comforts with the ancient world. A family-run resort where tradition is still present. There are 70 rooms divided into different categories like standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and royal suites. The rooms are designed independently, adding a unique element to each one.
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    amar mahal hotel
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    This hotel is a beauty, 10minutes walking to get to Orchha. The rooms are completely different from other hotels, painted ceilings, four-poster bed room suite. We arrived in November 2010 and there was a party all over India celebrating the day of light, lighting, and the people adorned all cities, hotels with flowers, shops, good focusing at this hotel at the photos you will see flowers oranges and illuminated garden lights is to be this day as important in India, the only fault I had was not having a minibar in the room, and 2 bottles of mineral water. The restaurant was Western mixed with Indian buffet and very well priced, in fact I had a massage at the spa next to the pool and well.
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    heritage madurai hotel
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    It is a resort that is located just outside the city of Madurai. It's extremely beautiful. They are colonial bungalows that have been converted into apartments, some of these villas have private swimming pools, which in this heat is perfect for cooling you down. The appartments are quite large with a large window overlooking the private pool. The bathroom, also made of glass communicates with the pool. Being a 5 star hotel I should mention the electrics, the television cables were a bit wrong, for it to work you had to move the TV, and the lightwent on and off quite often. The hotel has a nice swimming pool which is very original, like sacred ponds. It has several restaurants, a cafe, gym, spa and manicured gardens
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    jai mahal palace hotel
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    This hotel is a former palace that has been transformed, and is simply but tastefully furnished. The gardens are large and well-maintained, with a giant chess set where you can pass a lazy afternoon. There's also a large swimming pool where you can refresh yourself after a busy day in the streets of Jaipur. Its location is quiet, the service is good, and the restaurant offers both Indian and Western food.
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    sumur hostel
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    Once you get to Summur, you'll see a few guest houses where you can stay. They are all huddled together and the environment is not very pretty or pleasant. Following one of the two streets that go up, you'll reach the northern part of this town and this hostel. The village is small enough that it should be easy to find. When I stayed, it didn't have a name nor had it built a kitchen. They cooked the food on the floor with your cookware. They had two finished rooms, both lovely, clean and inviting, and the dining room where we ate. Outside, they set up some tents, Himalayan army-style, and a water hose for them to have a shower and a hole dug behind a tree as a toilet. The tent costs 100 rupees (2 euros) and the small hotel room 150 (2.50 euros). Wow!
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    ‘indus guest house’ hotel
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    This is a good choice. On this street there are some other places with similar conditions. The price is cheap. One of the great advantages of this area is that it's right in the center. There are in Changspa, but not too low. I stayed there 5 of my 15 days in Leh, the best top 5. I left very satisfied. I think I had that same room.
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    desert resort
    Hotels in
    This hotel is situated in the region of Skhawati in the North of Rajasthan. It is located close to the town of Mandawa, known for its beautiful palaces, called havelis. From Jaipur, it is just over 150 miles to get there, but it is definitely worth it. I liked the hotel because of its style of dried mud and traditional style. It was only recently built, about 20 years ago. It is in the middle of the desert dunes and there are many excursions in the area. There are about 60 rooms decorated with style. You can see a collection of entrepreneurs who created, their classic cars for example. There is a pool for when you return from a camel ride or a session of bird watching, it is perfect. Each bungalow has a different style, you can ask the staff to show you some, but they are all beautiful.
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    grand hotel
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    This hotel is an oasis amid the chaos, tumult, and horns in the city of Amritsar, Punjab in northwest India. Even I think the best way to manage the first few days of your stay in the city - until you get used to it (if you ever do) - is to split your time between the Grand Hotel and the Golden Temple. Between these spots, you can recover your well-being. I hope that in this way you will understand how I was welcomed by the Grand Hotel, and the excellent service they provide. Always served and received by an adorable (thin) layer of dust, sneezing or between staff sneezes or other funny sounds of the employees. Always with the best intentions, I highly recommend the Grand Hotel, steps from the central railway station of Amritsar.
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    the oberoi amarvilas agra hotel
    Hotels in
    This was one of the best experiences I've ever had with hotels. The facilities are impressive. Cafeterias, restaurants, swimming pool and rooms overlooking the Taj Mahal. One thing that does stand out is the hotel staff, who are constantly attentive to your every need and whim, for example: I wanted a picture with the moon full moon and the taj mahal from the hotel's rooftop, as it was the highest point and I asked permission. To my surprise, they came to my room at 3.ooam to collect me and accompany me to the roof. We stopped in the attic where the presidential suite is and they invited me to stay there all the time all the time that I needed to take the pictures from its terrace, three hours later and I could have been more .. . I can also recommend its restaurant-enlivened by sitar music .... you can see the kitchen from the outside, via a large glass window, and you can watch them cooking... the entire hotel is great .....
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    orchha resort
    Resorts in
    The hotels in Orchha tend to be quite limited because there's still not too high of a tourist demand to stay in this area. The Orchha Resort, however, although it's basic, is the best deal in the town. The hotel is small and only has 34 well-appointed rooms:). They have a small refrigerator, windows with mosquito net (which is appreciated because of the proximity to the river, mosquitoes are numerous) and a large bathroom (asking for a reform loudly) with basket of soaps, etc.. The restaurant is pretty good and menu is available a la carte, a small bar, garden and pool .. But best of all are the views, some overlooking the cenotaphs it almost seems that you can play from the room. The distance from the hotel to the town is about 1 km, along a road half asphalt, half dirt presnada, yes, if you venture out at night, take a flashlight, because there is no light in many places. and wear closed toed shoes for any cow pies you might find ;-).
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    vivanta by taj hari mahal hotel
    Hotels in
    This hotel does not disappoint because it has a special charm. We were putting the red dot on the forehead and when we went inside the hotel we discovered a huge and nice hall. The hotel itself is great, it is like a palace. It has ceilings that are very high. The room is amazing with a balcony with views of the pool, which is also very big. All very well decorated. At night in the pool had a kind of show with a magician and also there is a little shop where they sell slippers, handbags, jewelry ... The buffet dining and all the food was very good.
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    harasar haveli hotel
    Hotels in
    One of the best options for quality / price in Bikaner. Old rooms but with the advantage of being in a quiet area without traffic, something to be welcomed in India. It's a hotel-style palace in Rajasthan, with contemporary furnishing, average price, in-season around € 8 individually.
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    andaman bubbles
    Resorts in
    Port Blair
    Andaman Bubbles Bubbles Resort The Andaman Resort are some cabins adjoining the Emerald Gecko Resort, reserved for divers who have rented their days of diving on the island with Andaman Bubbles Dive Centre Dive Center. They have great prices on the days you do dive trips with them. You have at your disposal all the services of the Gecko, the cottages are constructed on a concrete base, with reeds and palm leaves. They have an Indian-style bed with mosquito net, a bookshelf, small desk, electricity, bath and cold shower heated by the sun in the warehouse on top of the cabin. If you are a diver and you dive in Andaman Bubbles, you will not find a place so cheap on the island. Andaman Bubbles Dive Center: Http :/ / www.Minube.Com/rincon/andaman-bubbles-divecenter-a91419 Emerald Gecko: Http :/ / www.Minube.Com/rincon/emerald-gecko-a91366 Andaman Resort The Andaman Bubbles Bubbles Resort are some cabins adjoining the Emerald Gecko Resort, reserved for divers who have hired their days of diving on the island with Andaman Bubbles Dive Centre Dive Center. A irresistible prices on the days you do dive trips with them. You have at your disposal all the services of the Gecko, the cottages are built on a concrete base raised, with reeds and palm leaves. They have an Indian-style bed with mosquito net, a bookshelf, a small desk, electricity (when there on the island) bath and cold shower heated by the sun in the warehouse located on top of the cabin. If you are a diver and you dive in Andaman Bubbles, you will not find a place so cheap on the island. Andaman Bubbles Dive Center.
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    pleasant haveli hotel
    Hotels in
    This hotel is a gem amid the chaos in India. It isn´t located in the center but very close, about 5 to 10 minutes walk. The rooms are beautiful, decorated with Indian style decor and every color with matching key. It's all very clean and best of all its owners are awaiting you at all times and every time you come out you have chilly water, coke, lemonade or chai already made for you, totally free, no charge. They have a restaurant on the roof from which there are amazing views of Jaisalmer Fort at night and they put some cushions on benches with dim lights and it makes you think you're in the middle of the story of the Arabian Nights. I recommend it one hundred percent.
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    trindent hilton udaipur hotel
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    If I had to go back to Udaipur I would probably stay at this hotel all over again, since I felt so at home when I was there the first time. The decor is very nice. It's all white with painted flowers everywhere. The food was really good although the service wasn't. In this hotel were also kind enough to let us bañáramos although the pool was closed and that is when you end up with visits and usually arrive at the hotel no longer bath time. The hotel is located on the outskirts of Udaipur (10 min.) In nature, is very welcoming. We were fortunate to meet with a medical convention in the hotel so it was full, busy
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    aroma hotel
    Hotels in
    Pushkar, a holy city in Hinduism, can become tiresome sometimes, as there are hundreds of hotels and backpacker hotels and restaurants that compete among themselves stealing the name to lure any tourist. The scent in the hotel is something like the lake, and it is a tranquil and cozy place, with a family atmosphere.
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    kochar's hotel marudhar heritage
    Hotels in
    Bikaner is usually a place of passage to visit the temple of rats in Deshnoke. The city is interesting because it was an important caravan route. It is a fortress city with many red sandstone buildings that retains its medieval walls. Marudhar Hotel is very convenient and within walking distance of the train/bus station. The staff is very friendly and quite clean, it costs about 5 € for accommodation. It is also very near the Junagarth Fort and other historical monuments of the city.
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    rupali hotel
    Hotels in
    The Hotel Rupali is unremarkable, except that it is very cheap, and it is next to one of the great luxury hotels of Ahmedabad, the House of MG (http://www.Houseofmg.Com), which I highly recommend if your budget can stretch to it, and if not, at least be sure to eat the Thali in the upper terrace restaurant, where we appreciated perfectly the concept of Asian luxury.
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    ranthambhore vatika resort
    Hotels in
    Sawai Madhopur
    It is not easy to reach Sawai Madhopur, but the reward is a tiger reserve, Ranthambhore, which was the residence of one of the last maharajas and is now the home of more than 100 tigers, which are not easy to see because the reservation is quite extensive, and so the tigers have many places to hide. The Vatika Resort is a very nice place, with gardens, and above all has a naturalist who is a tiger expert, by yhe name of Chandra Kant.