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Things to do in Kenya

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The top 73 attractions in Kenya

Nature Reserves in Kikuyu
Maasai Mara National Reserve
This national park is one of the most spectacular in Kenya thanks to its size and the sheer variety of animals it houses. We spend two and a half days here and saw just about everything (although the cheetahs and leopards evaded us). That is also taking into account that we went at the end of the wet season and there was plenty of watering holes for the animals to gather. We saw tons of elephants, hippos, all kinds of antelope, zebras, enough different birds to fill a book, giraffes, a very rare and shy black hippopotamus, and a spectacular pride of 12 lions which was really worth the effort of finding it. Just incredible. The Masai Mara park borders the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and is famous for the annual migration of the gnus. If you want to see the migration, you need to go around September.
Villages in Narok
Maasai People in Masai Mara
Well, I went to the village Masai coincidentally with a lot of adorable kids, but alas they were eaten by flies. The insects felt at home because they love the material that the homes were built of.
Safari in Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park
Amboseli is a small desert area that's in the Kenyan savannah. Amboseli offers its visitors incredible scenery, and all the animals there are concentrated in wetlands that are caused by water that seeps through the ground from Kilimanjaro and then thrives here in this desert. This picture shows a giraffe walking alone in Amboseli, with a mirage in the background. I like it because of the feeling of loneliness you get when you look at it.
Nature Reserves in Kikuyu
Samburu National Reserve
One of the images that stuck in my mind oduring my trip to Kenya was this one. In the Samburu National park we saw a family of lions with their cubs. One of the lionesses was responsible for feeding a few lions circling and playing around her. At a distance, a male was resting peacefully on a small mound.
Nature Reserves in Voi
Tsavo East National Park
The Tsavo East National Park located in Kenya is one of the largest and most diverse parks in terms of fauna and flora in the whole country. Its main entrance is located in the town of Voi, but you can also enter the site through other entrances, like the one at Sala, or others located along the road between Mombasa and Nairobi. You can find all kinds of African savanna animals (such as elephants, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, cheetahs, wildebeest, hippos ...), and if you are lucky you can admire the beauty of the lions. It is essential to bring a camera to this trip. The park is quite large, so it is recommended that you stop to eat at one of several restaurants located along the edges of the park. I hope you have a very good experience in Tsavo East National Park.
Lakes in Nakuru
Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru is a beautiful virgin lake where you can see millions of flamingos and an infinite variety of animals: buffalo, rhinos, vultures, giraffes...everything you need for an unforgettable safari. The beautiful sight of millions and millions of flamingos is really moving. From a distance, the lake just seems like a pink blur but as you get closer so start seeing tons of individual flamingos and other animals. It's a beautiful mix of colors.
Museums in Nairobi
Karen Blixen Museum
As the novel begins, "I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the hills of Ngongo ..." The home of Baroness Karen Blixen, the author of Memoirs of Africa, which led to the unforgettable film, lies on the outskirts of Nairobi. It doesn't have a large coffee plantation, or a Kikuyu native village, but the whole environment has remnants of the Baroness, even the neighbouring shopping centre is called Karen. But the house is still there, with its porch, giant trees, and antique coffee machines, and in the distance you can see the silhouette of the Ngongo hills, which at the beginning of the 20th century, was still full of wildlife and where, with wonderful views, they buried their beloved Dennis. This was the scene in the movie, but the interiors have been adapted and reproduced. The interior is a museum, with guided tours (no photography allowed). Some of the furnishings are original, or from the time, but there are also replicas that were built for the film and offered to the museum by Universal Studios, like the cuckoo clock. Overall, it's very accomplished and it like the characters might appear at any time. The walls are decorated with photos of Karen, pictures from the movie and also her paintings of some characters she had met that are really very nice. On the porch, there are coffee bushes growing in honour of the plantation and there's also a craft store, but we didn't have time to go in.
Lakes in Nakuru
Lake Nakuru National Park
Look at this family
Nature Reserves in Nairobi
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is center which cares for orphaned elephants whose parents were killed by poachers. Once the elephants are old enough to care for themselves and form a social group, they're released again into the wild. It was fun to see how the caregivers gave the baby elephants these giant bottles of milk! Really great work!
Nature Reserves in Nyeri
Mount Kenya National Park
Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in the country, and the second highest on the continent of Africa, so it is a source of pride for the country and its inhabitants, ve are eager to raise the profile of Kenya. At the entrance you can see a statue of the park and the mountain in miniature. It is worthwhile to do some trekking in the mountains, and the recommended option (otherwise it would be 5-7 days up to the top) is two days: up to the first base camp, spending the night with other mountaineers ve are on their way to the top, and come back down again the following day to continue the safari. They say that from the summit of Mount Kenya, it is possible to see all the way to Kilimanjaro.
Of Cultural Interest in Nairobi
Kikuyu Town
Outside of Nairobi a littl ways and on the way to the various National Parks in Kenya is where you'll find a Kikuyu Town. It's the largest ethnic group in Kenya and the people live in the area of ​​Mount Kenya and the Great Rift Valley. The people live in huts made of reeds and they mix cow dung and surrounded by a circle of thorn branches to protect themselves and livestock from wild animals.
Nature Reserves in Naivasha
Hell's Gate National Park
The two extinct volcanoes and geothermal activity in the area are named to the National Park. It is located just two hours from Nairobi, and it is a park famous for its geysers. It is a perfect place for families, for hikers or climbers, or it can explored by bike. The animal population is scarce, with herbivores like zebras, giraffes, buffaloes and warthogs as the main inhabitants. It is an ideal spot as your first contact with the wildlife of Kenya because it is super fun by bike and allows you to get close to giraffes, zebras and other small animals safely. It is totally recommended, but if you visit after having been to other parks, it should be noted that the number and variety of animals will be limited. As the first park we visited, we enjoyed it with great enthusiasm. Although there were more than a few hours, being able to walk close to giraffes, zebras and gazelles, made it very special. I'm Sure it's an experience you will never forget!
Nature Reserves in Nyahururu
Aberdare National Park
Aberdares is a natural park that's situated in Kenya at an altitude of 2000 meters. This means it's pretty cold and foggy up there! Here in Savannah there happens to be a little 'jungle' but you can't take the car on safari. The Ark is a hotel with impressive viewpoints where a waterhole where animals come to drink .. And relate ... Images and curious situations. It is one of the few places where in 2012 there are still some black rhinos.
Beaches in Malindi
Watamu Beach
The sea in Watamu is much better than in Malindi. This is a small tourist village, and it's possible to find apartments for rent 100 metres from the beach. There are shacks that offer sun beds and some fish dishes. The beach is enchanting, although the strong winds can make the fine white sand a bit annoying. On this beach is a resort, so there are lots of people selling souvenirs, but if you politely decline they'll usually leave you alone.
Beaches in Lamu
Beaches of Lamu
Lamu is an island located off the coast of Kenya. The beaches disappear with the tides, but when the tide rolls back, it reveals beautiful golden sand. The heat is intense and wet ... but in the evening it becomes more bearable. You can go fishing with the natives and end your day with a barbecue on the beach, fresh fish, salad, coconut juice ... An unforgettable experience for both older and for children. Just be careful of sunburn and malaria.
Of Cultural Interest in Malindi
Ocean Breeze
A lovely stretch of beach, with bright, well-defined natural colours against the backdrop of the deep blue sea. It's amazing staying here, relaxing and enjoying the unique tranquility ...
Shops in Nairobi
Karuzi workshop
We visited the Karuzi bead workshop where the women showed us every step of the ceramic jewelry manufacturing process: melting the raw material, molding, painting, cooking. Each bead is shaped and glazed by hand and you can find their creations in major retailers in Paris.
Islands in Mombasa