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Things to do in Hyogo

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Activities in Hyogo

The top 40 attractions in Hyogo

Castles in Himeji
Himeji Castle
The extensive restorations were completed in 2015 and the final result is truly a wonder to behold. It is one of the only castles in Japan that has never been destroyed and rebuilt, although it is a miracle that it survived the bombing in 1945. Paying entry to the castle is highly recommended as you can climb up to the top story of the main keep for views across Himeji. The castle is built around two giant wooden posts 26m in height which you circle around as you climb up the various stair cases. The castle also has a myriad defensive structure including; stone drop windows, moats, 21 gates, sharp angled passage ways, arrow slits for archers and a warrior hiding room. After a hard morning of castle invasion there is a nice restaurant across the road from the entrance, which offers a set menu of grilled eel and raw egg. To aid digestion, the castle gardens recently planted among the ruins of the Samurai quarters is the perfect place for an afternoon stroll.
Harbors in Kobe
Kobe Port
The Port of Kobe at sunset offers one of the best times in summer. Its maritime landscape as opposed to the narrowness of their central spaces makes the Kobe Port has one of the most interesting contrasts. In summer, it turns into a sci-fi scene leaving moments of visual impact made by urban elements and the sky and clouds.
Train Stations in Kobe
Sannomiya Station
Sannomiya Station is the most important of Kobe, even more than Kobe Station. There are many private lines and the JR line (west) that converge at this point, this is the busiest station in the province. We `ll find many restaurants, shopping areas, karaoke bars and arcades. This an interesting environment.
Of Cultural Interest in Kobe
Kobe's Chinatown is the largest and most extensive in Japan after Yokohama. Although there are Chinatowns in several Japanese cities, the Kobe one is special because it has all the ingredients of a Chinatown without being very extensive. The arch that indicates the beginning and already smells of Chinese food being cooked in the street stalls, the colorful costumes change in these streets like you've taken a leap geographically, experiencing a strange mix between China and Japan which you do not find Chinatowns in the West. If you go to Kobe, this is an essential place to visit along with the port.
Temples in Kobe
Ikuta Shinto Temple
This is the oldest temple to be found in Kobe and, according to tradition, it is one of the oldest in Japan. The Nihon Shoki legend has it that this place was founded by the Emperor Jingū 2000 years ago, by order of the God Wakahirume, and it was used to celebrate the arrival of the Japanese warriors returning from the war after conquering Korea. Along with this temple, two others were also built: Hirota, dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu, and Nagata, dedicated to Ebisu. Regardless of the legend, it is a temple full of symbolism and tradition, not to be missed if you pass by Kobe.
Gardens in Himeji
Himeji Castle Gardens
These gardens were built in 1992 for the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the city of Himeji. It consists of 9 separate gardens. His real name is Koko-en, which is derived from "Koko do", the name of the provincial school founded in 1692 in Himeji by Lord Sakai, the lord of the land. You can enter the gardens between 9am and 4:430pm. Entrance costs 300yenes, and it is very much worth it.
Islands in Isla Awaji
Awajishima (淡 路 岛) is an island located opposite Osaka Bay, to the east of the Sea of ​​Seto, which is the inland sea between the islands of Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku. Administratively, it belongs to the prefecture of Hyogo, whose capital is Kobe. You can get to the island by ferry or bus, as the island joins the rest of its prefecture by the Great Bridge Akashi Strait (Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge Oohashi ). On the other side, the island is connected to the island of Shikoku by the Onaruto Bridge (Onaruto-kyō), across the Strait in which the currents of the sea clash with the peaceful internal ones, causing eddies in the water (these eddies are called Naruto, which I discuss shortly), which are the major tourist attraction of the island. Because, although it is a very nice and quiet place to unwind and relax, Awajishima is not characterized by especially interesting sites for visitors. Instead, it is a place to relax, get in touch with nature, and escape the noise of the city life.
Zoos in Toyooka
Kinosaki Marine World
Marine world is an aquarium and dolphinarium in Kinosaki. There's a museum annex that explains the nature of the different species of fish thorough a study of the ecosystems in the Sea of ​​Japan (Nihonkai). As an Aquarium, is not the best to be found in Japan, would recommend going to Osaka or Okinawa, but if you're Kinosaki, it's be a good entertainment alternative. General admission costs about 18euros and group discounts are available starting at 25 people.
Statues in Kobe
Kobe Tetsujin Sangokushi Gallery
I was on a trip in Kobe and I stumbled upon this place quite suddenly.
Temples in Kobe
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