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Things to do in Cairns

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The top 25 attractions in Cairns

Cities in Cairns
Cairns is the city I went to in the northeast of Australia to go diving at the Great Barrier Reef. The city people call it a type of coastline, or Calafell Playa de Aro on the Costa Brava. There were a lot of tiny shops, many for boats or submarines, and lots of restaurants on the beach . What I have said a little Playa de Aro. It was the month of March, which is a very hot time in Spain, and Cairns is in a sub-tropical climate, so you can have an idea . For recreation, there is a big public pool in the middle of the city, in fact in the middle of the street. Do not go to the beaches, because they cost money, but not just on the beach. The restaurant is right by the beach and if you start to eat dinner before 17:30 there is a 25% discount (remember there typical dinner is at 18h-19h), so me and Maya and ate oysters and tried crocodile meat, ostrich and Kangaroo .. Here there is a zoo in the upper floor of a hotel, where you can also hug Koalas and take pictures with them (for a fee, of course), which in Sydney you can not do. A curiosity is that at the sea, which is no beach, there are signs of "Careful for saltwater crocodiles, don´t go in¨.
Sports-Related in Cairns
Diving in Cairns
I thought Jacques Cousteau had secret places where he could enjoy this unusual landscapes, colorful and full of strange life forms. One day I discovered that it was possible to travel with little money, with a little money to travel, but an experience difficult to explain and share with my acquaintances. Now with the Canon D10 I don't speak anymore. I send my link to the pictures and they talk about those places. I was able to capture those magical moments and faraway places that are difficult to repeat and explain, being both a fan of diving and photography.
Of Touristic Interest in Cairns
Kangaroos in Australia
The kangaroo is one of the most famous animals of Australia. Normally, unless you go to rural areas of this vast country, they are not easily seen living in the wild. The fastest way to be around them and take photos are the zoos (or nature reserves that provide this service), almost all medium-large cities in Australia have one. There are often wallabies mixed with the kangaroos in zoos, these are very similar, but smaller and docile. Kangaroos are nocturnal creatures of habit, and if you want to see them outdoors you have to leave at dusk or night because they are that time of day you go out to find food. You must be careful with them, as they generally are shy and flee when they feel in danger, but if they are threatened they may react violently. The population of kangaroos in Australia is so large that hunting is allowed (in a controlled way), to contribute to the maintenance of the balance of the ecosystem of the country.
Zoos in Cairns
Cairns Tropical Zoo
The Cairns Zoo offers a great opportunity to interact with Australian wildlife (and the occasional bug that is not native to the land). The star attraction is the chance to cuddle with a koala, something that delights children as well as adults. It also has a magnificent terrarium with some very interesting reptile species. The other major attraction of the Zoo are the Red Pandas. They are not marsupials, they are an Asian species, but hey, it is one of the friendliest mammals that I have seen and worth the visit. By the way, the Red Panda is also known as Firefox and the internet browser is named in honor of this animal. :-)
Sports-Related in Cairns
Diving in the Great Barrier Reef
Diving in the Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef), is an experience you will not forget. It is the largest coral reef in the world (about 2000 kilometers), and a true wonder of nature, and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1981. Located on the coast of Australia, specifically in the state of Queensland, the country's northwest. I dove a couple of times in Cairns, one of the most important cities in northern Australia, and it is one of the favorite destinations for scuba divers or fans of snorkelling. They can get your divers license (PADI) or, if you already have it you can hire an excursion dives. Normally the boat with divers sales early and you spend the day at sea, doing a dive or two. There are tours that take you to the paradise islands that are lost off the coast of Australia, in others they simply take you on the boat to a site especially suitable for diving. You can also do it in other cities such as Townsville or the Whitsundays islands. If you don't have a license PADI you can dive with a mask and snorkel, in many places you can see the coral and fish around with just submerging your head. Australians are so proud of the Great Barrier Reef which they say is the "largest living animal in the world" though this is not exactly true, It consists of hundreds of colorful corals and fish that grow only in those waters. This is an amazing site to be able to see, with a guided tour or even snorkeling by yourself, if you can you should take the time to enjoy it and see it.
Rainforest in Cairns
Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
Enjoy a half hour of flying in the Skyrail 7.5 km over the rainforest between the Australian city of Cairns and Kuranda. Contemplate the thick vegetation, the waterfalls, views of the Pacific, with its coastline and its nearby islands. Stroll along the paths and wooden suspension bridges when the Skyrail stops. Enjoy the Barron waterfalls http://www.Minube.Com/rincon/barron-falls-a91690 and Kuranda corners: Http :/ / www.Minube.Com/rincon/kuranda-koala-gardens-a91551 http://www.Minube.Com/rincon/australian-butterfly-sanctuary-a91547 Combine your visit to the famous Kuranda Kuranda Scenic Railway train http://www.Minube.Com/rincon/kuranda-scenic-railway-a3474 . You can reach the Cairns Skyrail from a bus that leaves from the city center to Caravonica station. The same one takes you back. Be sure to visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park: Http :/ / www.Minube.Com/rincon/tjapukai-aboriginal-cultural-park-a91711
Beaches in Cairns
Clifton Beach
Clifton Beach is one of the northern beaches of Cairns, the other two are Palm Cove and Trinity Beach, in the State of Queensland, Australia, and in the Coral Sea. Since there isn't a beach in Cairns, part of the tourism industry is moving north of the city, where you can find beaches, surrounded by palm trees and lush vegetation. It is easy to get there by bus from the center of Cairns. I recommend you go in the fall, since before it is forbidden to swim because there are lethal jellyfish that can kill you within minutes.There are signs that warn you of the times when they begin to emerge that also contain general recommendations. In the surrounding resort towns there are small beaches where you can find apartments, supermarkets, shops and restaurants.
Waterfalls in Cairns
Millaa Millaa Falls
The contrasts that occur in the area around Cairns are simply fascinating. Not only have the well-known Great Barrier Reef, and the also famous rainforests Daintree and Cape Tribulation, but also has the Atherton Tableland (Atherton Tableland), a highland have a sensational scenic charm. There are many things to explore, about an hour and a half from the city of Cairns. The climate is tropical-completely different there near the coast and soothing landscape and wavy, full of farms, it was simply idyllic. There are interesting waterfalls named Millaa Millaa Falls. This is a group of several waterfalls that you can see during a morning drive.
Of Touristic Interest in Cairns
Kuranda Scenic Railway
The Kuranda Scenic Railway is a railway in Queensland linking the city of Cairns to Kuranda village which is about 27 kilometers northwest. The journey is amazing: the train passes through the forest with all of its lush vegetation, a bridge offering a view of a spectacular landscape, and next to some natural waterfalls that fall very close to the train. You can take pictures from a roofless car with everyone else ve squeezes in to get the best picture. The train is very nice and quite old. It began to operate in 1891 thanks to a costly infrastructure that made difficult terrain passable by train. More than 1,500 men were involved in this huge project that began in 1886. The train has a steam engine and maintains its nineteenth century aesthetic while incorporating modern technology.
Islands in Cairns
Green Island
It takes about 2 hours leaving from Cairns, and you can choose several different boats. We found the best option to be the sailboat. Once you arrive, the boat anchors to coral and it's time to dive, even with sharks. The island small and quiet, basically a paradise.
Of Cultural Interest in Cairns
Beaches in Cairns
Cairns Beach
Cairns is a beautiful city, and above all a party town with plenty of bars and clubs. But it's best known for its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. It's a port city, ready to accommodate maritime traffic ... Unfortunately, its development involved the dredging of sediment, which has left some areas looking a little worse for the wear. However, the city has tried to recover by building a lagoon for children to swim and for people to escape the heat.
Zoos in Cairns
Hartley's Crocodile Adventures
Not the only crocodile farm but it's the most famous in Cairns. Don't miss out on a visit to one. Hartley's Crocodile Adventures is halfway along the scenic coastal road that stretches between Cairns and Port Douglas in a jungle area known as Harley's Creek. It's 35 minutes from Cairns and 20 minutes from Port Douglas. One of the most famous icons of Tropical North Queensland is a crocodile named Charlie. Charlie entertains visitors at the farm during their daily feeding, and is estimated to be 70-80 years. Crocodiles have lived in captivity for 120 years. As well as crocodiles there koalas, kangaroos, cassowaries, dingoes, snakes and more.
Wakeboard in Cairns
Cable Ski Cairns
Here, you can have a great time if you love sports! A bit pricey, but you can still have fun here learning to wakeboard. You can rent a board and get to know the sport. I've gone several times. Right next to the Skyrail with a magnificent view of the jungle;)
Of Touristic Interest in Cairns
Cairns Esplanade Lagoon
It is an attempt to replace the beach, a pool on a beautiful promenade with lots going on around it. It's not an intimate pool, of course, but there is a kind of small, sandy beach to sunbathe, or dine in the barbecue area. It's very clean, and has magnificent views of the Esplanade and downtown Cairns.
Of Touristic Interest in Cairns
Rafting in Cairns
Tully River Rafting
En route to the Tully river we stopped for breakfast at a country club. Already at the base of the river we were provisioned with helmets, life jackets and a paddle. With this team we were put in groups of six on a raft with two monitors. He ve called himself Big Al explained the procedure, you know, back paddle, or paddle back and forward paddle to paddle forward. And with these instructions we got into the boats as if we had been going down the rive all our lives. It was the first time we did rafting and it was really exciting. The waters came down fast and rough and we got bumped around more than once without consequences. Occasionally we did take some photo at key points, as some waterfall wet the entire crew or rapid ending in a jump. Half-way down the river we stopped and assembled all groups to do a BBQ that is a typical lunch. You can continue down through an almost jungle scenery. Only for the view it is already worthwhile to go on the excursion. At the end we collected our things and boarded the van. We stopped at the country club for dinner and bought one of those photos that you almost are forced to do so you can save a memory of the experience. It was great!
Nature Reserves in Cairns
Fitzroy Island
Fitzroy Island is a true natural paradise located 20 kilometres from Cairns ... tropical forests, beautiful white sand, coral, and clear waters. Easily accessible by boat in just under an hour from Cairns, you can buy cold drinks and snacks on the island.

The best things to do in Cairns

If you're wondering what to do in Cairns, you'll
find the answer in the coasts, forests, and beaches surrounding the city. The city and its surroundings are a spectacle in itself. Of course, many of the most popular Cairns activities can be found in the Great Barrier Reef, which is without a doubt the most important of the places to visit in Cairns. You can dive here and enjoy what's called the world's largest reef.

But there are things to do in Cairns without getting wet, too! One of the attractions in Cairns is Daintree Park, which is called the world's oldest tropical rainforest. Another option for exploring the tropical area is taking the cable car to Kuranda, which has a 7.5 kilometer hiking route among trees millions of years old.

For more stuff to do in Cairns, go to the esplanade and enjoy swimming, barbecuing, and biking on the beach. Other Cairns attractions are the Rainforestation Nature Park and Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, where you can learn a bit more about the local culture. Finally, Port Douglas is one of the things to see in Cairns. Its white sand beaches are the ideal place to relax and unwind after a day of intense activity.

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