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Burgers in Spain

41 contributors
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143 burgers in Spain

Restaurants in Palma de Mallorca
Hard Rock Cafe Mallorca
I was surprised to find they had no idea that there was one in Palma de Mallorca. I was in the harbor of Palma, and had no time to go, but I had a pint on the terrace in lovely peace and quiet, which I'm sure would be full in summer.
Restaurants in Madrid
Home Burger Bar
Home Burger Bar opened in 2007 when Canadian Arnaud Barceló realized there wasn’t a quality burger restaurant in Madrid and that its consumption was associated with fast, junk food. On the other side of the pond, the hamburger is considered a gourmet dish in many restaurants. He started by opening his first restaurant and now he has three in Madrid, growing steadily, little by little, with no rush. He prides himself on cooking with respect to the ingredients, using ecologic free range beef that hasn’t been fattened, hormone injected, or anything unnatural, as well as a bun from an exclusive, traditional recipe. They always use fresh vegetables. The menu comes printed on a recycled paper bag. There are various classic hamburgers (with tomato, lettuce and pickles, or with bacon, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles) and others more premium and experimental, with spicy sauces (like the emergency 911), with goat cheese, walnuts and other items. They don’t specify the size, but it’s around 160-180 grams. Each hamburger comes with a small bowl of salad, homemade coleslaw and with homemade French fries cooked in vegetable oil. Like at all the hamburger restaurants that are popping up across the city, they ask how you want the burger cooked, but I’ve recognized something over the last few years, and throughout my various visits to Home Burger Bar and their other restaurants. They used to respect how you wanted the burger cooked and now if you ask for it “rare” it’ll comes more done than before, which makes the burger a little less juicy. They have other sandwiches and vegetarian options, in addition to the typical appetizers and desserts.
Restaurants in Madrid
Peggy Sue´s
On my way to a concert in the Siroco concert hall, I decided to go to the American hamburger place. I wanted to be inspired by the childish American spirit, and Peggy Sue's suggest the teenager decade of the 50s and of the fast food restaurants. The atmosphere is clean, comfortable, illuminated and full of music, everything fits in. The food is another point: you cannot put it in the same bag as fast food restaurants, the quality is definitely higher, but it misses some direction. A very normal Caesar salad, some onion fingers coated in an endless breadcrumbs but very smooth and tender from the inside. The vegetable sandwich is somewhat different but I would not recommend it. The best part of it is the end: a dessert menu for which the place deserves honor, 8 very suggesting descriptions and where the nuances and aromas result in something very appetizing but without being fatty. So if you go, keep some space for the dessert, it is the best.
Restaurants in Palmas de Gran Canaria
Natural Burger
I live in Liverpool and I have known Natural Burger for years. It is located in a super central area and is a good spot to end your day of shopping, a burger and a milkshake. The hamburgers leave a little to be desired but they make delicious smoothies ... also on the menú are deluxe potatoes (mc donald's ...) and a variety in sandwiches etc.
Restaurants in Madrid
Restaurants in Alcobendas
El Taller de la Hamburguesa
The Taler de la Hamburguesa (The Hamburger Shop) is chef Víctor Enrich’s restaurant and it’s located in La Moraleja, right next door to his other restaurant, el Atelier. The meat is from Luis de Blas, which is famous for the quality of its prime cuts. They cook the meat on a wooden oak grill, which gives the meat a subtle smoked favor that is less intense than you’ll find in other restaurants, yet it still maintains its presence and comes perfectly cooked. The sesame seed buns aren’t the typical Bimbo pre-made bread, but rather much more consistent. This helps absorb the meat’s juices without falling apart, leaving you to grab the meat with your hands. The exterior of the buns can be somewhat hard, maybe due to over toasting the bread a tad in the oven. There is a variety of buns, not just the sesame seed bun, but the combinations they can make between different sizes of hamburgers, and different buns can be somewhat confusing. Not all the buns can be used for all varieties of hamburgers. If you go, the best thing to do is ask the wait staff if something on the menu happens to confuse you. In addition to the location of the restaurant, one of the weak points is the fact that the French fries aren’t included with the price of the hamburger. The menu also has all the typical starters you’d expect at this style of restaurant (and other typical Spanish items, like patatas bravas). The red onion rings are especially good. The desserts are standard: cheesecakes, various cakes and milkshakes that they advertise as “the best in Madrid” and they’re good, but not that good. It’s a pretty interesting place for enjoying good hamburgers. If you like the buffalo and other, more exotic ingredients like deer this is your place. Very few restaurants have this type of meat on their menu. The price, however, is a little excessive.
Restaurants in Las Rozas
Restaurants in Madrid
Maye's Bistro
Maye’s Bistró is a small restaurant that specializes in “signature hamburgers.” They recently opened in Las Tablas (so recently that it still doesn’t have a website up and running, although they’re on Twitter). The two proprietors of the restaurant don’t come from the restaurant industry. They decided to make a 180 turn from their normal professional activities and hop on the hamburger trend and create a place for eating good hamburgers made with care. Maye’s Bistró’s menu, in addition to the usual appetizers and typical desserts (the generous portion of carrot cake is exquisite, and the frosting is delicious. They also have dark beer). There’s several hamburgers, some 100 beef, others a beef-pork mix, some all pork, other options of chicken and tofu, for those looking for less fattening options. The burgers come between 180 and 250 grams, although each variety has its own type of meat. For example, you can’t ask for a 180 gram Orson Welles hamburger, because that burger comes with the biggest size of meat by default. My only problem here is that the meat comes a little too compacted. Although the supplier makes the patties following the expressed indications of the restaurant, they receieve it premade hamburger patties; they don’t grind it at the restaurant. Keep in mind that almost all the hamburgers have a personal touch via the various sauces. I prefer the honey mustard. It is just delicious. The Juliana lettuce is placed strategically in the lower part of the hamburgers, then the meat and the rest of the condiments; it tends to fall apart as you eat it. The bread is very good and they make it in the restaurant. It's their own recipe. It’s fluffy without losing the necessary consistency to hold those sizes of hamburgers and the juices from the meat. In a world of Bimbo bread, this homemade bun is a welcome addition. The burgers cost around 10 Euros and are of consistent quality. It’s more than worth stopping at Maye’s Bistro if you happen to pass through Las Tablas.
Restaurants in Leganés
Restaurants in Salamanca
Bar Gema
The Bar Gema, located on the corner of Garrido and Bermejo streets, just opposite the Corte Ingles deparrtment store, is the typical kind of budget family burger bar that we all look for when we want to eat out without breaking the bank. Reading this, you might expect it to be ragged, greasy fare, but the truth is that, after its renovation, it is a modern, stylish bar. Everything is clean, and the food is still cheap and generous. They have tapas, large portions of patatas bravas, croquetas, and all that kind of typical Spanish bar cuisine, as well as giant burgers for 2 €, delicious and varied sandwiches, and dishes for 4 €. All this makes it the perfect spot for going with your friends when you want to have a cheap, good meal. What's more, the burgers, subs, and sandwiches are fully customisable, so you can make the dish that best suits you. Oh, and the drinks menu is, in my opinion, a bit more varied than what you usually find in this kind of bar, although the drinks are quite expensive in comparison to the food.
Restaurants in O Grove
O Lagar da Plateria
O Lagar da Platería is a small wine bar-tapería established in O Grove a few years ago. Its decor makes it a welcoming place - antique furniture mixed with more modern things. Also the lighting is just right - intimate and quiet. It is usually very crowded so it's best to go early or book a table. I have been on several occasions and left very satisfied. Every time you take something you get to choose between three types of pinchos, the one I like is one of those on Tuesdays, corn bread with fried egg, a rich combination. If you want dinner, they offer a variety of tapas among which are varied bread toasts, homemade pates, Zorza, smoked, some seafood and salads. Their prices are quite cheap, so I recommend it because you eat well and cheaply.
Restaurants in Villanueva de la Cañada
Restaurants in Móstoles
Restaurants in Madrid
Soul Kitchen
Soul kitchen is one of the restaurants specializing in hamburgers with the goal of taking complete care of the product. Because it’s located outside of the center of Madrid (in el PAU of Sanchinarro), all of those that live in the north have a very good option if they don’t want to head to downtown for a hamburger. The service is attentive; however, on weekends the restaurant fills up, so it’s recommended that you make reservations ahead of time and have a little of patience. It’s also heavily frequented by families with children of all ages. As a result, they have high chairs and the staff is great with the kids. The menu has the typical starters, like onion rings (which are thin but have a breading with little bit of cream cheese), or the fried green tomatoes (they aren’t bad, if you have been in a New Orleans style restaurant (Cajun), you’d realize that they aren’t the best. The tomatoes weren’t even really that green). In addition to the hamburgers, they have grilled meats and desserts. They have some classics like the cheesecake (comes in a large portion) or the brownie, as well as chocolate cake, a white chocolate brownie, gingerbread, which are all delicious. The hamburgers are made with pork and come in two sizes, 160 grams and 250 grams. They use quality meat and you can tell. The bun is the typical brioche and comes lightly toasted. Although it’s not the most sweet tasting brioches that I’ve tried, it serves the purpose in encasing the savory flavor of the meat and its condiments, and it’s consistent enough to hold in the juices. In addition to being a hamburger joint and using film references (Fried Green Tomatoes), they also have others choices: the Swiss burger with cream cheese and grilled onion, the French burger with mushrooms, mushroom sauce and gyuyere cheese, the Italian burger with rucula, ground pandana, cesar dressing and dried tomatoes, among other options. The only thing I can criticize is that the bun is the same size regardless of the size of the hamburger. When you opt for the 250 gram burger, the bun isn’t as big as the meat patty. Overall, it’s a highly recommendable place with good, quality hamburgers.
Restaurants in Madrid
Restaurants in Madrid
Restaurants in San Cristóbal de La Laguna
Hamburgueseria Casa Juan
The Hamburgueseria Casa Juan opens whenever they feel like opening, lol, but it's true. I've gone there a few times and I never know if anyone's going to be there. You don't expect the food and drink to be as cheap as it is. It's really worth visiting this burger place. Cheers to Juanillo the harrier, hehehe. Chary
Restaurants in Majadahonda
Activities in Spain
Camp Nou Experience Tour & Museum