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Restaurants in Laos

92 contributors

46 places to eat in Laos

Restaurants in Luang Prabang
Lao Lao Garden
A good area and full restaurants, a bit expensive, although not as much as the shopping street of Luang Phrabang (which is parallel to the Mekong). It is a perfect place to enjoy what you want, and has local cuisine and international cuisine,and an excellent kitchen. They also make good cocktails. The star is the Lao Beer.
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
Chillout Café
This is a cafe-restaurant on Ratsavong Street, near the Chansavang Guesthouse. I passed by there every afternoon, because they have free wifi. But the truth is that the service and quality of food bring you back for more. The prices are a little high, so normal in Laos, but still cheap. I enjoyed the lemon juice, which they make with cane sugar (liquid, ie, the juice of the sugar cane) and it is exquisite.
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
Mr. Mo, Guesthouse y Restaurant.
This is a guest house made of wood (like almost all the island of Don Det) directly on the river. It is very basic, but more than good enough to spend a couple of nights and get a good idea of ​​the place. It has single, double and multiple rooms, spread over 3 buildings (one inside and brick), and rising prices. The basic single turned out to be $ 6 / night. The bed is a futon (and there are pillows too). It has a toilet with shower but there is no hot water. There is a fan and mosquito net. It is necessary to bring mosquito repellent. It has a restaurant and a "travel agent", who will arrange everything you need there, and even in neighboring countries.
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
Mama Tan Orm, Restaurant y Guesthouse
As rightly says in its advertisement: Good food / cheap price. Family run under the guidance of the very Mama So Orm. A charming and friendly woman who enjoys hosting tourists.They serve the largest portions in Laos, and the cuisine is delicious. I ate there a few times (because I did not stay longer). I did not stay there, but I saw the rooms, and they were very basic and very cheap, in line with most of the island guesthouse [poi = 80681] Don Det [/ poi], in [poi = 80679] the 4000 Mekong Islands [ / poi]. A highly recommended place.
Restaurants in Vang Vieng
Organic Farm Restaurant,Vang Viang
Organic Farm, Vang's farm is a project Viang Interestingly, a mixture of Ghesthouse, restarante and social project, where volunteers cooperating, Mr Tea is the boss here, a lovely farmer and local entrepreneur, you can see crops and farm animals , the restaurant is spectacular quality at low prices, attentive service, very nice people and fantastic food, if they pass, do not hesitate to spend, a couple of kilometers from the town center, go by bike or motorbike. If you would like, you can sit at a table in the garden. The bad part about this is that the noise from the nearby bars is incredibly loud and the drunken Anglo-Saxons really ruin the ambience. In any case, be sure to stop by the organic farm for it, savor good food, good views and an interesting project
Restaurants in Luang Namtha
Lai's Place
The store-restaurant, Lai's Place, is located a few meters from the Adounsiri Guesthouse, on the street that connects it to the main road. Sandwiched between two other similar looking establishments, Lai's Place finally won me over because of how nice the girls ve are in charge are and their simple but delicious cuisine. The menu is not vastly different from the other restaurants in town: it offers Laotian cuisine (mainly "rice with" and "noodles with") and some western cuisine (burgers, sandwiches, etc). However, the prices are better than those other tourist restaurants such as Minority. The price of the dishes ranges from 10000-18000 Laotian kips, and Western food is around 20,000 kips, 30,000 if you want steaks. A simple spot, but a safe bet.
Culinary Interest in Luang Prabang
Puestos de Comida-Luang Praban-
In the city there are lots of food stalls on street corners or in any place where they see some movement of people. They are usually carts that can go here and there, carrying vegetables cooked in lettuce or boiled dough . They can cook you authentic salads or cold dishes. One specialty was the "spring rolls" of Laos. Here we see the beautiful girls working quickly and easily making them. They are made with fried rice with egg and a little dish of soy and papaya noodles ... You should try it!
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
(laderas Río Mekong) Restaurant
In the botanical garden which is the slope of the Mekong River one can find lovely restaurants. With folk music and chatter of young students, many offered these views and corners that were so pretty. The tables and chairs are like sausages between trees and palm trees, plants and other gifts from the forest. The food is made at the time you order it. There are lots of vegetables, soups and pasta , and you can order natural fruit juices which in Europe would cost 5 euros there only 50 cents. In short, a breakfast, lunch or dinner in the most exotic place you can imagine, for barely a euro.
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
De Sing Mei Restaurant
Walking through this tiny village, which is opposite the village of Lang-Praban across the Mekong River, I found this beautiful restaurant hidden in the dense jungle. It was the exactly style that I wanted, familiar, simple, cheap and, as I like to say to my friend Alberto, with a lot of charm. Maybe the only sign that you find of these restaurants in the "jungle" are three stones placed one on top of the other. If then you see food as vegetables or chickens running around, it is a sign that you're close. Here again we made a papaya salad, the delight of Laos, with coffee, which was great.
Restaurants in Pakse
De Tad Yuang Restaurants
After the parking lot and before entering the cascade area of Tad Yuang, there are ten cabana-restaurants (five on each side), where you can taste local food, before or after your visit to the waterfalls. Even better, you can take the food to go and have a picnic on the mountain and listen to the falling water in the background. The most classic thing you can order is the noodles (they are like spaghetti but a lot longer and made of rice flour) or the rice. You can order one of these with something else like vegetables, chicken or beef. Besides french fries, there´s no western food available. You can also order snacks like the fried bananas. There are also cold drinks available. In some cases, where they have bread (small rods they call baguettes), you can order a chicken or egg sandwich. One of these with a drink is the best choice if you arrive at lunchtime because it´s easy to take down to the river and enjoy the sights and sounds while you eat.
Restaurants in Muang Ngoi
Muang Ngoy Restaurant
As you cross the bridge that brings you into Muang Nhoy you have to look to the right. Right there you see a more classic style restaurant with tables, chairs and an extensive menu of meat and fish. Turning the neck further to the right you will see a series of well-conditioned bungalows overlooking the river. Here you will find another restaurant. Although it doesn't have a varied menu, it is a little more prepared and has a romantic terrace with stunning views of the Mekong River. It is best to ask for village products, from the jungle. Best of all is certainly the exquisite papaya salad, popular in the whole country. Here the papaya fruit is abundant and tasty - well, I don't know if it's called fruit - and they have learned to prepare it very well. Also the "sticki rice", that is sticky rice, they do very well. Don't deprive yourself: have a good coffee. Lao coffee is known worldwide for its taste and quality and if you fancy, you can enjoy the best...
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
Restaurants in Pakse
Restaurants in Luang Namtha
Culinary Interest in Vientiane
Cafés in Pakse
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